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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Women Over 30

Intermittent Fasting or *IF for short has been a hot trend for a couple years now. 🤓

But did you know that people have been doing intermittent fasting since the beginning of time. ⏰

And for good reason bc there are HUGE health benefits to Intermitting Fasting or *IF 🤯

In this week livestream, I’m going to share:

✅ How & why our body’s are designed to practice *IF

✅ What the actual parameters of *IF really are

✅ What the benefits of *IF

✅ Why it’s especially important for women in 30s & beyond

✅ PLUS how *IF can help reduce menopause symptoms

Leave me a comment & let me know if you've ever tried intermittent fasting or are curious.

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