Tamela Fish

I absolutely loved the 10 day challenge. The daily videos really helped me stay focused and on track. It made it not as hard as I thought it would be. It was just choosing to focus on one minute at a time, one right choice at a time.

I've lost 8 pounds during the 10 day challenge and I feel absolutely incredible. I'm waking up at 5am on my own, an hour before my alarm clock! I'm not fatigued, I don't feel like I need a mid-afternoon nap and my focus has improved as well.

My face is almost completely clear. What's left of my acne on my face is actually the scars or blemishes that are still healing. My skin is so much softer. My hair...Oh my goodness.. I've always had very oily hair and now it's not. It's healthy, manageable and super soft!!

I loved the inspiration and motivation I received. I also loved the recipes and teachings about how to shift mindset and stay focused to achieve my goals!