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Renea has a personal and inspiring message to share with the world: 

If I can change my life, you can change yours too.

And she's here to teach her powerful tools on how.

Hi, I'm Renea...

For the past 6 years, I've been teaching people how to change their lives and their health - both physically and mentally.

I have had the honor of helping countless women feel inspired, fearless, hopeful and most importantly EXCITED to take the next step for changing their lives for the better.

Everything I do is deeply personal and customized to the goals of your event. I don't see myself as just a speaker, I consider myself your teammate.

If you're looking for someone inspiring and entertaining for your event on the topic of helping people create change, you just found her.

Speaking Topics:


Flab to Fab: How I lost 120+ Pounds W/O Surgery or Medication and Transformed My Life

In this presentation, I dive into the science behind the struggle bus of being overweight, food cravings and how to use this knowledge to lose weight and feel fabulous for good them using simple, powerful tools backed by brain science. I provide insight as to why obesity and health concerns are on the rise as well teach real life tools on how we can win the battle on health and cravings for good.

Warrior Up: Turning Life's Battles into Victories

The Warrior Up keynote presentation is a motivational and transformative talk aimed at helping individuals shift their mindset into warrior mode, chase their dreams, and create the transformation they crave. The presentation will be centered around the concept of stepping into the warrior you were born to be, emphasizing that the qualities of courage, determination, and resilience can be cultivated and applied to any area of life.


  • How to Boost Employee Productivity, Focus and Retention

  • How to lose 120+ pounds without surgery or meds

  • How to Heal Your Relationship with Food

  • Women's Nutrition & Weight Loss for Peri Menopause & Menopause

  • How to Stop Overthinking and Become a Doer

  • How to Shift Into Your Warrior Mindset

  • How to Have the Transformation You CRAVE

What people are saying...


Kristy Carlisle

This was fantastic! Renea has helped me change my path and I will forever be grateful. You don't want to wait to hear this!


Luma Murib

Renea is amazing, well-spoken, passionate and knowledgable. I loved how relatable she was to my own struggle with cravings and failures. 10/10 experience!


Janice Webb

This was incredibly helpful to be provided tools to help overcome cravings and to gain knowledge as to why we are over consuming.

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