Why do a 10 Day Sugar Detox?

One of the things that biggest things that helped give me a fighting chance on my 100+ weight loss journey was a 10 day sugar detox. 💪🏼

But HOLY SMOLY did I fail at first. Several times. Mostly bc I had NO IDEA how to do a sugar detox. 😬

But once I did finally complete that first 10 day sugar detox - I was SHOOK. 😱

I couldn’t believe how I felt! How I looked! It was INSANE! Not only had I lost weight, but my belly bloat was gone, my skin was glowing and I felt INCREDIBLE! 🤩

Plus - the most shocking part was that my cravings for junk food that used to be a loud scream constantly ringing in my head was down to a low whisper. 🤫

WTAF?! I thought it was a fluke. So I repeated it. NOPE. 🤯 Same results - except the whispers got lower and lower each time.

This is what gave me a fighting chance to lose the weight I wanted to. That I NEEDED to to stop slowly killing myself with food. 😳

In this week livestream, I’m going to share:

✅ How & why our brains crave sugar

✅ How a 10 day sugar detox works in the body & brain

✅ What the benefits of a sugar detox are

✅ Why it’s especially important for women in 30s, 40s & 50s


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