10 Day Sugar Detox Program


Hi! I’m Renea Paulsen and I’m a recovering food / sugar addict and a Certified Nutrition & Healthy Living Coach. I focus on helping women take back control of their cravings, their weight and their health.


As a recovering food/sugar addict, I know how frustrating and daunting starting a weight loss journey feels. When I started my journey, I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing! I felt completely lost and didn’t know where to start. I had to gain knowledge and develop tools that worked in real life to help curb my cravings, reset my sweet tooth, lose weight and keep me on track.


Now, down over 100 pounds and recovered from food / sugar addiction - I’m determined to help other women do the same. That’s why I created SugarWarrior10. This is the BIGGEST tool that helped me get a hold of my cravings and the first stop for EVERY client I work with. 


In this incredible 10 day program, I give my best tools and real life tips on how to reset cravings, lose weight and gain extensive knowledge on how to stay on track to living a healthy lifestyle.

Here's what other women had to say about SugarWarrior10!


- Janelle

I lost 10 pounds working with her! I also discovered many of my ‘hormone’ issues are linked to sugar and processed food, as mine have went away since cutting out these foods. 

I highly recommend Renea as a Life Coach. You won’t regret it! 


- Dana

I lost 8 POUNDS!! IN 10 DAYS!

All of my chronic aches and pains were gone, my sluggishness was gone but, above all, I noticed I was not fighting cravings like before.

I was AMAZED at the results.


- Angel

I followed it to a T and lost 10 pounds in that 10 days. I’m a long way from done, but I already see a difference in my behavior.

It was the best thing I have every done for myself! 

In 46 years, this is the first time I feel I have real hope.


- Tamela

I lost 8 pounds and I feel absolutely incredible! I'm waking up an hour before my alarm clock! My skin is so much softer and my face is almost completely clear. 

I loved the 10 day challenge!

Ready to?.....

✅ Lose Weight

✅ Increase energy  

✅ Reduce belly fat

✅ Reduce pain & inflammation

✅ Detox from sugar

✅ Get step by step instruction

✅ Gain MASSIVE knowledge & tools for health & weight loss

✅ Connect with a great community of people

✅ Get DAILY motivation & DAILY videos



SugarWarrior10 is a 10 day complete sugar detox that is designed to kick start your weight loss, reduce your food cravings and teach you valuable information to help keep you on track.

BONUS - You get ALL of this for LESS than

it costs to feed a family of 4 at McDonald’s 


Ready to join me yet?


Need a little extra help??....

Limited 1:1 Coaching Spots Available 

This includes:

✅ Total of four 1:1 coaching sessions (including initial session to discuss your personal challenges)

✅ Unlimited text access during the 10 days for questions

✅ Daily review of food tracking with recommendations during the 10 days