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Moderation - Why It's So Important & HOW To Do It

When I first looked into food/sugar addiction recovery - I was APPALLED 😳

Complete and total abstinence - NOPE not for me 👎🏼

Moderation is extremely important to have a healthy relationship with food - and not lead to a binge 🤰

We’ve all done it right? Gone all gung ho on eating “healthy” that we restrict so much and before you know it… 🫣

You’ve dove into the deep end of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s 🍨

In this video, I discuss why moderation is so important and better yet HOW TO DO IT 🙌🏼

YEP - I’m going to teach you how to have your cake - AND EAT IT TOO 😈

Leave a comment with your favorite treat meal & TAG your treat meal buddy to start planning 👯‍♀️

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