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BEST Food Tracking Tips for Weight Loss & Health

I refused to do this & it cost me 2 YEARS! 🙊

When I started my weight loss journey 6 years ago - I absolutely did NOT want to track my food.

And, yes, I did lose weight.

However, once I caved and I did start tracking my food - HOLY SMOLY!

It took only a few months to tweak here and there and BOOM

Not only did I start seeing the results I wanted to see FASTER but it also played a key role in recovering from food/sugar addiction.

Check out my video - My Best Food Tracking Tips - give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

In this video I share:

✅ Why tracking food is important for health/weight loss

✅ The food tracking app I LOVE

✅ The rule I follow when tracking food

✅ The absolute GAME CHANGER when it comes to tracking

This is for you if you want to lose weight but eating healthy and working out isn’t cutting it OR you’re wanting to get serious about your health & weight loss goals and ready to stop of wasting time.

Leave a comment and let me know which tip you are implementing today.

*The food tracking app I talk about in the video is Cronometer - use this link to save 10% on the gold version

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