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Renea Paulsen is a dynamic and charismatic motivational speaker who has made a significant impact on countless individuals seeking to create an exceptional wellness work environment conducive to personal and professional success.


With her engaging and inspiring speaking style, Renea has empowered and guided hundreds of people to transform their workplaces into vibrant and thriving spaces. Through her deep understanding of wellness principles and her ability to connect with her audience, Renea instills a sense of motivation and enthusiasm, encouraging individuals to prioritize their well-being and foster a culture of positivity and growth within their organizations.


Her expertise and passion for creating amazing work environments have left a lasting impression on those who have had the privilege of attending her sessions, resulting in tangible improvements in employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall success.


This two-hour interactive session is the ultimate power boost for your team. Get ready to tap into your collective potential as we delve into team building exercises, productivity hacks, and strategies to enhance focus and well-being. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey that will leave your team energized, motivated, and ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way. Get ready to level up your game with "The Power Play"!

In addition to Renea's engaging Tier 1 workshop, she offers expert consulting services on optimizing company snacks, breakfasts, lunches, events, etc to fuel your team's performance and foster a healthy work environment. From nutritious snack options to energizing breakfast ideas and nourishing lunch choices, our consulting aims to create an environment where food fuels success. Elevate your team's productivity and well-being with "The Power Play" workshop, combined with our tailored consulting services for a total approach to workplace optimization.


This all-inclusive, full-day program offers an immersive learning experience, complemented by a carefully curated lunch experience consulted on by our expert. Elevate your team's productivity, well-being, and overall health through our customized meal options, designed to fuel success. As an additional option, we offer the opportunity of a company branded 10-day sugar detox, providing a rejuvenating reset for your team's nutrition and performance. Experience the ultimate transformation in team dynamics, performance, and overall wellness with "The Power Play" workshop at the highest level.

In this power-packed 2-hour workshop, we dive deep into the essential strategies for building and leading high-performing teams. Discover the secrets of effective team dynamics and learn how to foster a culture of accountability that drives exceptional results. Empower your leadership skills and unlock your team's full potential with this transformative workshop. Get ready to unleash the true power of your team!

This comprehensive session, designed to maximize team performance, offers a deep dive into essential strategies, including team dynamics, goal setting mastery, mindset shifts, and effective communication training. Our expert consulting services further enhance your team's growth, providing invaluable guidance on setting and achieving goals, cultivating a positive mindset, and fostering impactful communication. Elevate your leadership skills, empower your team, and unlock their full potential with our transformative workshop and personalized consulting. Experience the ultimate success in team performance and communication excellence with our premier tier workshop.

This all-inclusive, full-day program offers a deep dive into team dynamics, goal setting mastery, mindset shifts, and effective communication training. Elevate your team's performance with our expert consulting services, which include a curated lunch experience brought in and consulted on by our team. As an added benefit, we offer the option of a company branded 10-day sugar detox, promoting wellness and rejuvenation. Experience the ultimate transformation in leadership, team dynamics, and overall well-being with our comprehensive workshop at the highest level.

What Our Clients Say


Stacy Ulishney, Human Resources Director

Let me start by saying my company has not done a workshop in 7 years because we had such a bad experience, my staff still talks about how bad it was! To say I was skeptical and hesitant to have another guest speaker wellness workshop would be a severe understatement! In fact, I tried to convince Renea that having our staff dance was NOT a good idea! I was stressed for a week about our upcoming staff meeting. I am here to tell you, BOOK a workshop with Renea, run don’t walk!!! My staff truly enjoyed Renea’s workshop, they were engaged, they laughed, they learned, they asked questions and they DANCED! We as a company are still talking about it and referencing her workshop! Renea, thank you for restoring my faith in corporate wellness workshops, encouraging and educating my staff and creating a safe, fun space for them to learn more about wellness!

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