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Warrior 8

8 Week Online Health & Weight Loss Transformational Course with
VIP Group Accountability Coaching

Are you ready to lose weight & transform your health FOR GOOD?!

❌ Are you tired of wanting to lose weight and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?

❌ Tired of yo-yo dieting that leads to nothing but small results and BIG frustration?

❌ Tired of feeling like you know what to do - but then can't/don't follow through?

❌ Are you truly ready to learn how YOU can change your weight and your health FOR GOOD?

In life - you have 1 of 2 choices: you can either step up as the warrior you were born to be or wimp out...

Are you ready to WARRIOR UP?!

Then this is the place for YOU!

I designed Warrior 8 for you. So that you can finally learn how to cut that bull$hit yo-yo dieting that leads  nowhere except making you feel like crap about yourself.

No ma'am! You are an incredible warrior that is battling.... 

And I'm here to give you the battle tools.


The real life tools that you NEED to lose weight, get healthy, learn moderation and keep it that way FOR GOOD!

But let me be clear....


You are a strong warrior woman and I'm here to show you how you CAN fight this battle and WIN!

Millions of women struggle with how to lose weight & keep it off. You are NOT alone.

Are you ready to step into the warrior woman you were born to be?!

This program is for YOU if you're ready to:

✅ Learn HOW to feed yourself for health & nutrition (no meal plans here honey)

✅ Gain MASSIVE knowledge on how to reframe health and lifestyle habits

✅ Learn real life tools on how to heal food relationships, conquer trigger foods, reduce your body fat, boost your energy & metabolism plus SO MUCH MORE!

✅ Finally have the results you have been craving - but still have that slice of cake too!

✅ Most importantly - you're ready to feel incredible!

Warrior 8 is designed to help you transform your weight & health FOR GOOD!

I'm coming to show you how to have the health & weight loss you crave.

Just you, me, and a group of amazing women ready to warrior up too!

You got this & I got your back!


What you get...

✅ 2 weekly videos, including 1 Group Live Q&A scheduled every week (group done via Zoom).

✅ Weekly homework & learning lessons to put in practice right away.

✅ Learn how to look at food at a nutritional level for health & longevity.

✅ Learn how to create a healthy, customized, lifestyle that works for YOU in the long run!

✅ An incredible community of like-minded women on the same path to better health & weight loss.


Step by step instruction on how to:

✅ Shift Mindset & Confidence 

✅ Balance Meals & Why It’s Important

✅ Eat Carbs (Yes girl - carbs are your friend!)

✅ Get the Most Out of Your Workouts

✅ Learn How to Say NO to Foodie FOMO

✅ Reframe old habits into new ones

✅ Use Intermittent Fasting as a Tool


Start date: Tuesday January 3, 2023

Just you, me and a small group of badass women ready to transform their lives too!


Warrior 8 is only open a few times throughout the year as it is in an exclusive group coaching setting with limited spots to give them full attention needed for this incredible transformational course. 

Grab your spot now to kick off 2023 right before it fills up and is closed.



Are you ready to?.....

✅ Lose weight & learn how to keep it off FOR GOOD!

✅ Feel incredible & boost your energy   

✅ Reduce body fat, heal your relationship with food & learn how to kick up your metabolism

✅ Gain extensive knowledge on how the body works, weight loss, health and MORE

✅ Learn how to reframe your habits to build a lifestyle that you love

✅ Learn Renea's real life tools on how to lose weight, get healthy & keep it that way

✅ Connect with a great community of like-minded people

✅ Finally get RESULTS! 

✅ Step into the warrior woman you were born to be!!


Hi! I’m Renea Paulsen and I’m a recovering food / sugar addict and a Certified Nutrition & Healthy Living Coach. I focus on helping people take back control of their cravings, their weight and their health.


As a recovering food/sugar addict, I know how frustrating and daunting starting a weight loss journey feels. When I started my journey, I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing! I felt completely lost and didn’t know where to start. I had to gain knowledge and develop tools that worked in real life to help curb my cravings, lose weight and keep it off!


Now, down over 120 pounds and recovered from food / sugar addiction - I’m determined to help other women do the same. That’s why I created Warrior 8. In this program are the exact tools that helped me lose weight, control my cravings, build my confidence and so much more! 

In this incredible 8 week program, I give my best tools and real life tips on how to reset cravings, lose weight and gain extensive knowledge on how to stay on track to living a healthy lifestyle.

I know if I can do it, so can YOU!

Ready to join me yet?

Start date: Tuesday January 3, 2023

*14 day money back guarantee
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