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The 10 Day Sugar Detox Program

Are you tired of.... 

❌ Caving into cravings

❌ Feeling bloated

❌ Watching the scale go up 

❌ All those body ached and pains

❌ AND just feeling tired ALL THE TIME

SugarWarrior10 is an online, virtual course where you will simultaneously and successfully complete a 10 day sugar detox.


BONUS - Get the Sugar Detox Recipe eBook FREE!!!

This has recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert with ZERO sugar (or fake sugar)!ALL recipes allowed during SugarWarrior10

Check out Mia's experience...

Her first round:

"After 60 plus days of a migraine and nothing else working - I am still migraine free since day 8 of the detox. I am still pain free and inflammation free from my autoimmune disease - keeping with the low sugar since that is a trigger. Thank you Renea Paulsen for cleaning me up, building a great foundation of nutrition and coaching me - you're the best!!! FYI she helped stop what Colorado's best neurologist couldn't figure out." - Mia Rubio

Here's what more women are saying about SugarWarrior10!


- Janelle

I lost 10 pounds working with her!


I also discovered many of my ‘hormone’ issues are linked to sugar and processed food, as mine have went away since cutting out these foods. 

I highly recommend Renea as a Life Coach. You won’t regret it! 


- Dana

I lost 8 POUNDS!! IN 10 DAYS!

All of my chronic aches and pains were gone, my sluggishness was gone but, above all, I noticed I was not fighting cravings like before.

I was AMAZED at the results.


- Angel

I followed it to a T and lost 10 pounds in that 10 days. 

It was the best thing I have every done for myself! 

In 46 years, this is the first time I feel I have real hope.


- Kristy

SugarWarrior10 has been life changing! 

I have not had this much energy since I was in my 20’s. Renea feels like a trusted friend that comes alongside and helps you through the journey. 


I lost 7 lbs in 10 days!

Ready to?.....

✅ Lose Weight

✅ Increase energy  

✅ Reduce belly fat

✅ Reduce pain & inflammation

✅ Detox from sugar

✅ Get step by step instruction

✅ Gain MASSIVE knowledge & tools for health & weight loss

✅ Connect with a great community of people

✅ Get DAILY motivation & DAILY videos



✅ BONUS - Sugar Detox Recipe eBook

2 Day Money Back Guarantee

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