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My Absolute BEST Tattoo Prep Tips!

📣 Alright - you asked for it - so I’m delivering!

My Best Tattoo Prep Tips 💪🏼

I’ve been busy getting tatted up the past year but did you know that before that I actually didn’t get my first tattoo until I was 30 years old! 🤯

Well let me tell you - I am VERY glad I waited! 🥳

That way I can bring you my very best tips to get you ready for your next tattoo. 🙌🏼

Let me know in the comments what your next tattoo will be 😜

Shout out to Certified Tattoo in Denver, Colorado and the artists Bryan Alfaro and Kelsea Schack - they are incredible artists and even more awesome as people 🙌🏼

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