How to Reframe Foodie FOMO

How to reframe when you run into foodie FOMO

- Make a plan (check the menu for your best healthy option - do NOT leave it to chance and show up with no plan)

- Take accountability (either with a partner OR I’m also telling the people I’m attending dinner with that I am on a sugar detox - that way I know there will be more of a reason I can’t cheat)

- Reframe IF you want to go back for a treat meal

- Scope out IF the place is treat meal worthy

BTW - this Instagram story might have expired by the time you see this BUT of course I saved it for you! Follow me on IG @thesugardetoxcoach and look at the highlights under Foodie FOMO ;-) Then you can see how I navigate going to restaurant during a sugar detox. ;-)

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